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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh no, here comes summer...

So, I'm about the only educator on the planet that dreads the summertime, and for many reasons I might add. But the biggest reason of all is that my precious BIG girl will leave me again for an entire month to experience an amazing adventure that most can only dream about. That's right, as June quickly approaches, one again the main topic of conversation at our house is all about summer camp. Bailey is excited to be going back to Heart O' The Hills for the entire month of July and so help me, she better write her mother some letters this year. Looking back to last year''s pictures, I realized I never shared them with the cyber world. So here it goes...

I'm ready- no more boys!!!!!
Her Shawnee Big sister!
Her counselor from England.
Bailey and Jane, the director.
Her first friend, Melainey.
With the co-director, Christi Lee, my dear friend who put up with all my phone calls:)
Posing with some older girls:)
Just chillin'...doesn't she look like she really misses her mother???
UGH...There are no words!
Ready to ride!
Midget Brave of the Week, the very first week!
What an Honor!
She's a GREAT GREEN SHAWNEE!!!!!!!!!
Here we come!
Saying good bye to Daddy!

Any chance, she'll changer her mind and NOT want to go this summer? She's already trying to "prepare" me for her absence. Lord, help me not miss her Too much!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

OOPS...Are the Holidays Over?

So, before I even knew it, the holidays were over and suddenly it's the first of February? Who knew...Here's a little taste of what sort of fun we've been up to in the past few months. Hang on, it's been a busy time for the Balderson clan!
We made slushies!
Played a little computer
Had sleepovers at Aunt Cheryl's house
Played at the park in the freezing cold...brrr!
Learned to spider swing with sister
Tried a few acrobat tricks of our own
Had Brunch at American Girl

Ate way toooooo much candy!
Played Dora way toooooo much
Attempted to make Riley pose for about a million pictures
Played Wii for 10 days straight, at least!
Added a little music every now and then
Cheered for our Longhorns baby! Hook Em!
Left Santa some milk and cookies, oh yah, and a page long letter
Stayed up way toooo late watching movies in Mommy's bed
Enjoyed the lights of the season...especially our house:)
Spent time with our family
But, nobody's was bigger than RiRi's!
Saw Santa in our ridiculously cute matching outfits from Gymboree, of course:)
Even helped clean up when all was said and done!
Helped put up the Christmas tree as a family
Played a few games now and then
And, of course, we ate a LOT of this...
No wonder it took me 2 months to blog about the holidays...I'm exhausted! And, I didn't even mention the FtWorth Zoo??? Maybe next time:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Little Miss Personality

What can we say????

She sure is cute, but can you say TrOuBlE?

Saturday, December 19, 2009